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Conflict often means long lasting disputes that end up in court. These court procedures cost time and money and result in one party winning and the other party loosing. We offer a different, extrajudicial solution to solve these conflicts, with solutions that are satisfying for both conflict parties.

Mediation – An intercession between the conflict parties and the composition of an acceptable consensus for everybody involved.

No matter if the conflict is between business partners, associates or family members, mediation is useful in many conflict situations. Especially conflicts in teams, conflicts concerning business succession, or in the private environment, conflicts with neighbours, in case of divorce or palimony.

The professional handling and conduct of negotiations of a mediator can lead to communication between even hostile conflict parties in order to induce a factual discussion. Under the mediator’s guidance, constructive solutions are developed jointly, solutions that include the interests of all parties and that make sure, that no party loses out in this consensus.

The result of the mediation should not be without obligation. The goal is to reach a consensus and make it legally binding.

Compared to a regular court procedure, mediation offers more than just the financial and timely advantage. Every conflict party can arise from process with the feeling of having won, making sure that everybody involved can work and live together in the future once again.

Thus mediation is a voluntary process. No conflict party can be forced to cooperate in mediation. The extrajudicial solution needs to be in accordance with the intentions of all the conflict parties involved.


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